Friday, April 24, 2009


When I first me Manic Mariah we used to exchange little poems and note about how we felt about one another. It was very sweet and I still have many of them. Then one day I asked her to just name something for me to write about. She blurted out, "my fingers." This is what I came up with...


Brothers and sisters all linked together
Gripping me hard, or light as a feather
Fingers so sexy, a delight for me to see
One stroke by them is never enough for me
One at a time, searching my skin
Finding the best place for caressing to begin

Brushing on my face or grabbing me below
Your gentile touch make my juices start to flow
From the fist touch until the last
It seems to me that an eternity has past
Touching, licking and sucking them – I like
How to work them - like riding a bike

I love your fingers, so sexual and sweet
Just remember…NEVER touch my feet

Monday, April 20, 2009

Rub It

I think that there are a lot of cool tattoos out there...but on the same note, I now wish that I did not have any. I went through a phase (if you can call a 5 year span a phase) where I thought that tattoos were the ultimate in cool.

To me, they said something about the person who's skin they wove themselves into. I could tell a little soomething about people by their tattoos (biker, neo nazzi, gang member, ex-con, mamma's boy, etc.)

Then things are can't tell if it says something about the person or if it says something about who the person wants to be...or

if they are just doing it cuz someone else did it.

I don't mind the folks that 'ink up' because it is something internally meaningful to them...but it is the people who get tattoos like they are jewelry (or make up) that kill me. I know that I have three tats, but they are all concealable (unless I am at the beach...or getting down to business.) You would not know that I had any if I have a t-shirt on.

I have seen some sexy as shit tats...have seen some on guys that look really good...and have seen some that are absolutely FUCKED!!!!

And even with all of that...Look what I have done to myself

This does not rub off?!
Each of my tattoos does mean something to me...but I do have MANY days when I wish that I never got any...or some freaky scientist would come up with some "Tat-Be-Gone" lotion and you could just ...rub it off.


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