Friday, March 27, 2009

Spring is in the...Water

The weather is getting nicer and…you can just smell Spring in the air.

After reading about the Spring Fever contest over at Dad’s House, I thought that I’d jot down a little something that completes MY Spring.

To me, Spring signifies the start of my fishing season. I love to fish. I don’t get to go as often as I’d like to, but I love it all the same. Taking the big boats out for a 2 day trip, trading stories and drinking beer with a bunch of smelly, weathered old men is really not as bad as it sounds. I even like the trips when I don’t catch anything. It is being on the water, line out and a beer in hand…surrounded by a dozen others with the same mindset.

The last trip I went on was last Spring…WAY too long ago! I took a boat out of Dana Point and we motored out to Catalina to fish. It was beautiful.

On that last trip…This is what I caught.

A 22 pound White Sea Bass!!!

I can’t wait for my next trip! I love Spring!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

the good old days

Scary but good…how far we’ve come since “the good old days.”

Back then they were the good old days, now…as an adult looking back…how the fuck am I not completely fucked up and locked away somewhere?

My parents got divorce when I was in first grade and we (the kids) spent the school year with our mom and the summers with our father. I remember loving the summer. When asked what my fondest and happiest childhood memory is…it is from one of those summers. NOW, my emotions are very conflicted. Within the same summer…I had my fondest as well as my most devastating childhood experiences.

We were living at the house overlooking the ocean in Maine. I look back and can see how I would have loved it as a kid…but now, as an adult…who the fuck were these people?

It was my step-grandmother’s house and my sister and I lived there with my father, step-mother, her brother and sister and their mother. WTF right there.

I would go out to my uncle’s (the detached guest house) and hang with him for a few hours. Not only would he let me rummage through his endless stacks of Playboys, but he also taught me how to smoke marijuana. I thought I was the coolest kid on the block. Porn, weed, hanging with a guy 15 years older than me…Life was good.

Now looking back on that…a 12 year old boy sitting around smoking pot and looking at porno mags with a 30 year old guy…not so good. Kind of creepy and …shit just not right.

Also that infamous summer…I, on more than one occasion, proceeded to go into my aunt’s (my step-mother’s sister) room when she was in the bath tub. This family was very open, free-loving and…not shy.

She told me that it was ok to come in, which I did. She started by asking what I wanted her for. I was at a loss – especially after watching her soapy boobs bobbing around in the water. I tried to act like I was unaffected but I think that my inability to avert my eyes from the first set of real boobs. My aunt humorously assured me that naked bodies are normal, natural and nothing to be ashamed of and it was ok to look. I have to say that although I felt a bit weird…I took her up on the offer – I was a 12 year old boy you know.

After the second ‘bath conversation’ (yes…there were …a few) I was becoming more comfortable just sitting and talking to her and less and less just staring at her boobs. At one point during one of our chats, she asked me to rub soap on her back. I obliged, without even thinking about it. It was not until my increasingly confused mind started wondering what would happen if I touched the sides of her boos while I was rubbing soap on her back….what the fuck is wrong with me? That is my aunt! Wait a minute…What the fuck is wrong with her?!

Anyway…I think you get the gist of what I am saying and how a 12 year old boy could have seen these times as the times of his life. But, at the same time…How fucked was all of that? If anything like that happened these days…everyone would be locked up and under psychiatric care.

Monday, March 23, 2009

a freakin chipmunk on Crystal Meth

I am sitting here tired as shit! I don’t know what to write…so I suppose you are going to hear me bitch about the current state of me.

I have had my sister (14 years old) here for the past ten days. Don’t get me wrong, I love her and have not seen her in 4 years so it was great to spend this time with her. BUT

She is 14 and it was like us adding another child to our family. To top that off…I just found out that for several days, she has been stuffing her pockets with the freaking Ridaline that she is supposed to be taking. No wonder she has been up til all hours of the night and chatty as a freakin chipmunk on Crystal Meth.

That said, I also had my boys here this weekend and my youngest had a fever and was just feeling a bit off both days. Poor guy. But it did lead to a very sleepless night for me. He threw up a few times, which scared him and just made it an all around rough night. Anyway, I got about 3 hours of sleep last night and then drove the boys back to their mother’s this evening.

Now I am home…exhausted and announce that I was going to take a nap. About 30 minutes later…all I can hear is the loudest laughing, clanking and screaming that I think I have ever heard coming from the dining room. I tried to stay in bed…hoping that it would dissipate as I needed this nap cuz I have to drive my sister to the airport for her 11:30 PM flight out of LAX tonight.

The volume from downstairs seemed to steadily increase until I just lost it. I marched over to my bedroom door, whipped it open and screamed down the stairs the most sarcastic “Thanks for letting me take a nap! I appreciate it!” Thinking that my pissiness would have settled them. Then I hear a fucking response…”No problem!...Any time!”….followed by a burst of laughter...from my sister.

Shit I was pissed. I wanted to run down the stairs and throw her ass in the car, take her to the airport and drop her ass of. Let her irritate the shit out of her fellow travelers for 4 hours until her flight.

Getting a bit of satisfaction from that though…I walked down stairs with a death scowl on my face and sat right freakin here.


….as she is my sister…does she need to show me respect? I AM 27 years older than her. I am the dad of the house that she is staying in. I KNOW that she would never attempt to say some shit like that to my parents. WTF?


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