Friday, March 13, 2009

Cover their eyes and plug their ears!!!!!!!

Not that I am stating anything ‘for the record’ about my state of mental health with this post…but I need to throw something out there.

I have been to a therapist…or …maybe a dozen, and I have heard somewhere along the way that the music and TV shows that we gravitated towards as kids …says something about who we are as people.


Yes, I grew up in a large family and typically had to fight for the radio or TV. Thinking back, I pinpointed that music and shows that I’d listen to and watch when I was alone.

During the 70s my favorite song was Take Me Home Country Roads by John Denver. May favorite cartoon was Underdog…and I was an A-Team addict.

Mixing those 3 things…does not paint a pretty picture to me. Kind of like a gay dog in a cowboy hat riding around in a custom child molester van…blowing things up.

Over the years, I have had conversations with friends about what their favorite cartoons and shows from the 70s were … and I always took pride in my picks.

Drop the gay part...but I will say that I would have no problem doning a fancy cowboy hat, driving around in a customized van...just blowing shit up all the time. Coincidence?????

I am not sure anymore…and if asked…I will plead the fifth!!!!

What picture do your past favorites paint?

**Shit...what do your kids watch and listen to? Should we all be scared?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Me--- For Reals!!!!!

Let’s see who knows the REAL TentCamper.

Kind of a backwards meme…or some shit like that. I am going to throw out some random questions…see how close you can get. Do you really know me?

Tomorrow I will post all of the answers.

** Most of the answers can be found on posts here, on BedsideTales or Hot Dads.

Who is the love of my life?

How old are all six of my/our kids?
4, 7, 10, 12, 14, 17

What is my favorite Movie?

Where was my blog/twitter picture taken?

How old am I?

Do I shave my privates or not?
yes...nicely trimmed

How old is my youngest sister?

What is my ethnicity?
1/2 black and 1/2 white

How long has my divorce court battle been going on?
more than 3 years

Have I ever been jailed?

Have I ever been shot at?

Have I ever been locked up in a mental hospital?

How many siblings do I have?

Where did I grow up?
New Hampshire

At what age did I have sex for the first time?

Good luck to you all!!!
The winner will get something…I just don’t know what yet.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Motherfucker Who's Time is Precious

Today was the straw that broke the camel’s back…..I hate that freakin saying…but I’ll use it anyway.

Our son (14 TODAY!) plays on a local lacrosse team and with the 15 players on the on the team, one of the team mom’s and I have been trying to set up a workable carpool and snacks for the boy at practice.

Now, we’ve been carpooling for most of the school year and now the team has begun to grow, so it had to be changed.

On to the meat! (or was that what Mariah said?)

There is one motherFUCKER that is the biggest pain in the ass. She seemingly goes out of her way to make others’ lives more difficult. She obviously believes that she is the only one who matters. **and she is NOT teaching her son to show respect to others.

I have been driving one leg of the carpool for about 6 months and HER son is in my car. All of the boys meet me in front of the school …except her kid. She calls me every week and makes some excuse on why I NEED to go to her house to pick him up. I, being the nice guy, do. This punk is never ready. I honk, no answer – again and again. Then he strolls out like nobody is waiting for him…does not say thank you for getting him, does not say sorry for making me wait… he just gets in and slams the door.

Anyway…Today she sent an email to all of the parents saying that she is not willing to drive the boys to their homes after practice…that she will bring them all to her house and that we need to arrange to go there to pick them up. Now I would not be so put off by this except for the fact that she drives 4 boys (besides her own) and those 4 all live within 5 blocks of her. The reason that she agreed to drive home (ONLY TUESDAY NIGHTS) is because she is free and the majority of other parents have other commitments.

I immediately typed the following email to her:

Dear X - (and anyone else who has a problem dropping kids at their houses)

I am not sure that I get what the big deal is. We all have other kids and other commitments. We have 4 kids in sports and have many other things to do today as well. We got into the carpool so that we each only had to drive one leg per week. I don't think that dropping the boys off is too much to ask when we only drive once a week. It might add 15 minutes to the drop offs because they all live within a few blocks of you...not a big deal.

Additionally, I believe that just about every practice, through now, I have had to make a special stop at your house to pick up YOUR SON to go to practice...while all of the other boys met me at the school.

I am sorry, but we all have hectic lives and we all need to pitch in...for our kids.


Then asked Mariah to look at it before I sent it …in case it was inappropriate. She said that I should hold off and see if anyone else was going to respond.

After a bit there was another email from another mom:

Hi X,
I thought we discussed on Saturday that if I put kids that live near you in your car you would take them home. The whole point of this carpool is that the parents only have to drive one time during the week. Not trying to sound rude or anything, just that the parents were thinking that the deal was that if you had boys around your house you can drop them. just wondering- D’s not even in yours so doesn’t matter to me- but others were wondering. Everyone has to do the same thing- even more taking M home.
Thanks A

I then got an email from yet another mom (who is a teacher at the middle school where the boys go) that just said, “Thank you for sending that email. I would have but was too scared.”

Here is a taste of what she said to us (via email):

Due to the extra time it takes to drop off everyone off at home, I would appreciate it if parents could pick their children up from our place. Last week I didn't get home until 7:30p after dropping everyone off. I have to get my daughter to her soccer practice on this night as well. By the time the boys get their gear off and settled in the car, we should get home around 6:45p. Thanks.

And …

You see, my thoughts are that the kids are taken together as a group from school to the park.... The people that pick up from the park, including yourself, spend more time taking everyone individually home. I know that it's not a big deal for you, but it's very time consuming for me, and my time is very precious. If the situation were reverse and I was taking kids from school to the park (which I unfortunately can not do) I would be fine picking up my son from the house of whoever picked up from the park. In fact, I'd be fine picking him up on Thursday's from whoever drives on this day. Because I have two children, my time is even more valuable. I have a very hectic life because my husband works at night. I feel like a single parent. Most of the time I can't even cook during the week because I get home so late. And then there's the homework that I have to assist with. The later I get home, the later the kids get to bed. I don't get off work at 5pm like most people. I work until 6pm and don't get home until 6:30p and even sometimes later. So, getting home at 7:30p even one day a week is a burden. So as to not put you in the middle, I'll call the parents whose kids I pick up and explain the situation.


What the fuck is wrong with some people? I just don’t get it. Does she really think that her time is more valuable than others? I'm sorry in advance...but she is a CUNT!

I may be taking out my rage (from other things) on her…but I really don’t give a shit.

Maybe I’ll just pee on her and get it over with!!!!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Cobwebs and Yellow Pee

What’s been going on with me since you last saw me peeing, you ask?

Well, let me tell I clear away the cobwebs from my tent and spray my golden stream high into the air once again.

Besides starting up two other blogs (Hot Dads and Bedside Tales) which are still up. The Hot Dads one is great and I am so glad that I started it. we have a relly fun group of the web's hottest daddy bloggers around. BedsideTales...was an escape from my identity here...but ...I feel much more at my tent and a full bladder.

I have been doing much of the same shit as I did before. Carpooling the kids all over God’s creation, going to divorce court every month (so that I can hear the judge grant Her side another continuance,) suffering from unexplainable and seemingly untreatable allergies, camping, collecting more hula bobble girls, looking for substantial work, attempting to perfect the art of using ‘the force’ on the kids so that they quiet down and do their homework and chores without arguing…….what else? Oh yeah…maintaining an abundance of steamy sex with Mariah, volunteering at the kids’ schools and best of all….spending more time with my boys!

I have finally gotten to a point in this drawn out court ‘battle’ where I have my boys every other weekend and every Wednesday afternoon. I am so happy and we are loving spending that time together.

My little sister, who is also adopted, is coming out from Ohio to stay with us for ten days this week. I have not seen her in years and she has never met Mariah and the rest of the gang here. She is 14, yes…there is a 27 year age difference between us. That is so weird to me and when I was talking with Mariah’s kids about her visiting…I have to say that it did seem odd that my 14 year old sister is (kind of) the aunt to Mariah’s 10, 12, 13 and 17 year olds. In my head….that wreaks of ‘redneck.’

Anyway…I will be getting back to my regular posts ASAP…but in the meantime…I thought I’d give you this little morsel to chew on.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Back In Action!!!!


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