Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Coolest Daddy Blogger!

I was just informed that I was nominated at Label Daddy as one of the coolest Daddy bloggers of the year. That is right…I am reaching out to you all for your support. Go there and nominate me!! I am actually not sure what I would win…but that does not really matter…It would just be the whole prestige thing.

Anyway, go nominate me and tell all of your friends to do the same. As a thank you…I will send you naked photos write a post about you and how great you are. I know you all like that link love.

And a special thanks to Annette for being the first to nominate me!!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Kids Are A Reflection

As a parent, I can say that I find it funny how much you can tell about the parenting by the attitude of kids. I truly think that when you encounter those smart-ass kids with disrespectful attitudes and a filthy mouth…it is the parents’ fault. Those bratty kids that whine and can’t do a damn thing on their own…parents’ fault. The kids failing at school…parents’ fault. The trouble makers, the bullies, the sissies, the druggies and the sluts…all the parents’ fault. Yes….there are exceptions, but for the most part I think that much of the above can and could be quickly sqashed if the parents act quickly and tend to their kids the way a parent should.

This also goes the other way. You know when you meet that kid who seems 5 years older than they really are. The one’s that consistently say please and thank you. The one’s who do well in school. The ones that surround themselves with decent friends. The ones who enjoy being home as much as going out with friends. The ones who, by nature, offer respect to elders and don’t talk back.

You meet those kids and suddenly wonder what you could do to get your kids to act more like them…”Have I done something wrong? Why doesn’t my kid act like that?”

Yes…you guessed it. I am talking about Mariah and her kids. For any parent…or Mother for that matter, there is no better compliment than someone telling you how great a job you have done in raising such well rounded and wonderful children.

I am saying this to you Mariah. You have done the impossible. You’ve raised 4 great kids who all have the ‘good’ qualities that I mentioned above. No matter how you feel about yourself on any given day. Know that you have successfully out-parented 90% of the nation.

Happy Mother’s Day M-Cool !!!!!!!!


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