Saturday, April 18, 2009

Who Is He?

The view from afar is a man so complete
His body looks good and his clothes very neat
Moving closer, squinting your eyes
It is now apparent that he is no prize

The attractive fa├žade begins to crumble
You hear his words, a drug induced mumble
The sorrow you feel, like a knife in his heart
Deflating his soul as he falls apart

He trips over everything and tries to get up
Like playing fetch with a crippled pup
The shame he feels is guilt on his mind
He takes another hit…the blind leading the blind

Beaten down at the foot of his queen
He can’t help to think, “Why is everyone so mean?”
The train’s last stop is at a place of healing
The substances gone, he begins to regain feeling

Hurt and sadness about the past
Working through it brings happiness at last


ChocDrop said...

Damn you are talking about me....

This girl is trying to find her happiness....It's a bumpy ride, hang on.

tiffany said...

Did you write this? it's very good...
You might like the stuff my brother writes over at Silence Escapes Me

Rhea said...

Nice, Tent Camper. Really says a lot in between those words.


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