Wednesday, June 10, 2009

‘Normal’ childhood? - Part One - The Mini Hulk

When I look back on my childhood, I think of it as a happy, ‘normal’ childhood…just like everyone else who was growing up in the 70s and 80s. We had everything that we needed and parents who loved us and tended to us the way parents should.

Recently I’ve found myself telling wild stories from my childhood, that lead me to believe that we were anything but normal.

Growing up with 5 siblings (3 sisters and 2 brothers) there was always a lot going on and there were always rifts springing up between sets of us. For the most part, our parents just sat back (and now reflecting on it were most likely cracking the fuck up) and letting us sort things out ourselves…as learning experiences.

M=Adoptive Mother
F=Step Father
S1=sister (older by 2 years)
S2=sister (younger by 4 years)
S3=step-sister (younger by 6 years)
B1=brother (younger by 2 years)
B2=step-brother (younger by 4 years)

I will summarize a few of the questionable stories for you over the next week or so. Then you can tell me if my childhood sounds normal to you or not.

‘Normal’ childhood? - The Mini Hulk

I was a bit of an instigator (still am) and would make it a point to pick on (almost to the point of crying) B2. Now being 4 years younger, he knew that standing his ground with me would be a drastic error in judgment…so he never did…until one day. It was right after school and I was mentally jabbing at him and making him feel as close to a pile of dog shit as I could. Then something happened…the boy freaked. His eyes changed. His skin flared up in a deep red and he screamed, “I HAVE HAD IT!” I responded with some bully-ish retort that sent him flying over the edge. With that, he, moving faster than I’d ever seen him move, ran past the wood stove, snatching up the large iron fire poker and proceeded to chase me around the house…swinging at will trying to silence my banter. Realizing how serious he was, by the trail of broken vases and lamps in his wake and the near miss to the back of my head, I found the only lockable room in the house (my parents) and securely locked the door behind me. Sitting on the edge of their bed, listening to his threats of violence…I figured that the homicidal rage would soon subside and we could all go about our day as per the norm.

All of the sudden, my thoughts were interrupted by the crashing sound of the fire poker connecting with the door knob that was currently saving both of us from a great deal of pain. I watched as the knob became looser and looser, heard wood of the door cracking and I knew that it would be any minute that mini Hulk would come crashing through the door.

I took that as a sign that he was not in a frame of mind to calm down and that I should seek refuge elsewhere. I scrambled over to the window and lowered myself as far as a 12 year old could and jumped the remainder of the two story drop…then bolted (with a slight limp) over to a neighbor’s house until my parents got home.

Come back to read the next installment…Fork Dinner


M said...

Hey, in the childhood I had, scenes like this were quite normal....but maybe I'm just abnormal too.

Danielle said...

For the first time in life, I am thankful I am an only child. :)

Christy said...

Oh, man. I guess you pushed him just a wee bit too far! At least I know you made it out alive...can't wait to hear what happened next though.

Brandy said...

He really lost it! I guess you threw out one too many verbal assaults and he was done with you.

My sisters never really got back at me...although I was more bully, less torturer.

Kimminentdanger said...

Wow - this is playing in my head as if it were a movie screen positioned behind my eyes... It makes me think of "The Goonies" or "It"... Maybe "Stand by ME"??? Not sure which, but it was definitely a reminder of that type of boy's life style film. I can see the characters too!

So far it sounds perfectly normal... As of now. I hope you plan to post a continuation of this story next time... what happened next? did u become friends? how did it all play out??

A fire poker, dog shit and a few kids is good clean fun as far am I'm concerned. But then again, compared to MY fun, not much ISN'Y good & clean. hah!

But in all seriousness, I poked a girl (Michelle Matthews) with my umbrella ( i think it was 3rd grade)- she came back at me with a vengeance! (wrote my name in HUGE letters unter the activity table..

Doesn't sound weird to me. To me, it feels like a story out of any American neighborhood back then... kids blowing off stem in perfectly innocent

Your post is eerily famililar..

Thanks for the memories...

Soxy Deb said...

OMG! Laughing at the visuals! This is good, can't wait to read part 2. Oh wait, I don't have to.
Off to read!

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