Sunday, June 22, 2008

Moments In Time

The other morning I got up and headed off to my 4 year old son’s pre-school graduation. Things were great and it was so nice to be there and see them (regardless of how brief it was.)

Sitting in the auditorium, with my 4 year old on my lap and 6 year old in the seat next to me, we watched as the slide show/movie was played. Now I know that the room was full of young kids and did not expect that it would be all that quiet, but little Mr. Mini Me (6 year old) offered up a fairly constant stream of chit chat to me. I adored it and hoped that it was because he missed seeing me. I put my arm around him and gave him a squeeze. This continued well into the presentation.

Then he turned to me, looked me in the eyes, and –
Son 1 – “Daddy?!, Daddy?!, Daddy?!” (in a sort of wisper)
Me – “Yeah?”
Son 1 - “I’m not quite sure why, Daddy, but …
Son 1 – “ummm….Well…”
Me – “Yes?”
Son 1 – OK…I don’t really know why, but my mouth has been kind of hyper ….for the last few weeks now.” (said very matter-of-factly…and with a questioning tone that you’d hear from a therapist)
Me – “What?”
Son 1 – “My mou…” (then cut off by Son 2)
Son 2 – (looking over his shoulder at me - with a very straight face) “Daddy…He said that he talks a lot…I think he talks too much sometimes too.”
I could hardly hold in the laughter.
Me- “That’s ok buddy.. sometimes people just have a lot to say.”
Then he just looked up at me, smiled and told me that he loves me (with a little hug.)

I just LOVE those little guys!!!!


ugagirl30 said...

Gotta love it. I've been posting about appreciating my children's humor alot more lately. Kids are too stinking smart these days.

Teri said...

Too cute! I am so glad you had some special time with the little guys.

Kandace said...

I'm glad the time you had with them was nice. Hoping you'll have lots of time with them again soon!

leezee52 said...

Crap you brought out the tears in me...stop that!!! Awe Pre-School graduation the rite of passage!

Candid Carrie said...



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