Friday, August 8, 2008

I Guess Pleasantries Are Overrated

After we got back from our day at the beach, Insane Mama and I got a big tent set up in the back yard for the girls’ sleepover tonight, checked in with all of you nice folks and then planned out our dinner for the evening.

Once all of the “parental” stuff was done, I realized that the evening’s IMPORTANT task was still outstanding… I was out of beer and had to make a quick run to the store to restock on my Samuel Adams. Not that I was sweating or frantic or anything…I just KNEW that it was time to go.

I jumped into the car and bee-lined it to Rite Aid (I know where MY beer is on sale.) Got back to the beer cooler and…THE FUCKING SALE WAS OVER! Now what? Do I submit and buy a beer that I really don’t like as much, do I pay a ridiculous price for the beer I like? Do I jump back in the car to head out to another store? … You guessed it…I headed for the parking lot. As the sliding door almost hit me in the ass, I realized my frustration. It is not that big of a deal, but then I thought to myself (I’m sure that it showed on my face) With the price of gas these days, going to another store will most likely be more expensive than getting the beer here at Rite Aid. I paused, almost turned around, but then, since I was already out of the store…well I headed over to the car.

Just as I was walking up to the car, a couple of guys …in their twenties…were getting out of the car next to mine. I gave a quick smile (as a pleasantry) The guy closest to me, looked at me, then up to my Boston Red Sox hat, then…looking me square in the eyes said, “I hate the Red Sox!” I thought about saying…due to my beer anxiety… "Yeah, probably cuz they kick your team’s ass!” I knew that that would most likely cause some sort of confrontation, so I just looked back at him and said, “Yeah, well.” and then a harmless shrug. (Nice enough…right?) They guy stopped, turned back to me and proceeded to say, “You look like a nice enough guy…but I hope you get into a car wreck tonight.” And then continued to walk with his friend through the parking lot.

I stood there for a minute…stunned. Now, I kind of wanted to follow him in…to get my beer of course…as well as to find out what his big issue with me was. I knew that no good would have come from that so I jumped into the car, backed out, thought about running him over, and headed out to the grocery store.

Now that kind of thing happens now and then and I expect that there are some foolish people in the world, but this fool, made me nervous about getting into an accident all the way home (and that people seemed to be intentionally gunning for me.)

Bottom line – don’t mess with a guy’s head during moments of beer anxiety


Insane Mama said...

What a jack off! The guy, not you! Look how much you've grown about ten years ago you would have gone after that jerk!
You are hot! I can't wait to get away with you. No kids. Just us and the stars and the forest nymphs. Too bad my lamo ex fucked up our plans. Few more days baby.
Oh, PS I love you!

Lula! said...

Someone REALLY said this to you? That's just wrong on so many levels. I was hoping you'd end it by saying, "And then I kicked their boo-tays across the parking lot." 'Cause that's what I would've done. Yep.

T said...

Ok THAT make no sense at all.

Sometimes I just don't get people.

Be careful out there!!!

Molly said...

What a fucking asswipe! Seriously, I can't believe someone is that sad and pathetic to say something so mean and hateful to a perfect stranger.

IM, I know you are looking forward to the forest dear, but remember those bears!

The Mom said...

What a dick! You took the high road, but I would have keyed his car!

Bee said...

That guy wasn't a fan, he was a fanatic. I live in Chicagoland where we have 2 sports teams and you wouldn't believe the ugliness I've had to witness from Sox and Cubs fans. :o(

Bee said...

Thanks for your comment on my dark blog. :o)

buffalodickdy said...

I explain to people all the time- the more stuff you can buy in one stop, the more time and money you will save! I wear U of M clothes, hat, etc. alot, and around here it's not uncommon for a Mich St or Norte Dame fan to make a crack about it- we just give'm lip back!

Holy Crappers said...

All because you went for a case of beer. And how lucky are you to be able to go to Rite Aid and purchase your beverages? I'm soooooo jealous !!


Jennifer said...

OMG--that's scary! People can be so crazy!! Did you get your beer?

Swirl Girl said...

I can't understand people like that. Nor can I understand how people get so personally involved with hats. They are just articles of clothing, afterall.

I CAN understand the need for scoring a good deal on your beverage, though. And, if someone - say, took my parking space to get to the beer store first - well , then I would just have kick their ass.

Candid Carrie said...

Tenter is a grown up

Tenter is a grown up

Nannie nannie boo boo

Tenter is a grown up.

Anonymous said...

Instead of peeing in the wind, you shouldve pissed all over the door handle of his car.


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