Monday, October 26, 2009

My Balls

As a stay at home dad, I do have a lot of the same concerns, issues and interactions as many of the mommy bloggers out there….BUT…I also have balls…these balls that sway between my thighs send messages to my brain on a continual basis that help me to realize that things such as shopping, cute baby pictures, shoes, malls, brunch with friends and movies like ‘The Notebook’ or “when Harry Met Sally’ are just NOT what I should be blogging or worrying about.

My Balls tell me to pay a bit more attention to; love, sex, hot women, fast cars, fishing, camping, the NFL, poker, action movies (with lots of guns), being ‘king’ of my world, protecting and caring for my family, ….oh…..and beer!

Twisted as women think men are…we, as parents, strive for the same things (I think). It is just that we travel differing paths to get there. Men, well….shit….I’ll talk for myself. I seem to take the most difficult, but exciting paths…anything to add adventure and adrenaline to my journey. Women on the other hand, generally tend to take that meandering, path that moves slowly past the flowers and the pretty houses.

So, all in all…don’t be haters ladies. Love us for the end goals…not the path that we take to get there. Remember it is not us that chooses the path…it is our balls. The balls that provide you with pleasure and children…I assure you…you would hate us without them!


Ilina said...

It's no secret you guys all think with what's between your legs. While it might make you different, it doesn't make you any worse (or better for that matter.). And for the record, different is good.

Janie Woods said...

Women think with what's between their legs too, we just don't admit it as freely!!

Trooper Thorn said...

Balls give us the power of invisibility. Not that we ourselves become invisible, but we cannot see dust, the laundry hamper, dishes on the counter etc.

LoJo said...

Well said. Since I have no brothers and no sons, I want to this something you train your boys to do or is it inevitable? And when I say "train your boys", I mean your sons, not your balls.

TentCamper said...

Ilina - Thanks for the understanding and lack of hate.

Janie - indeed they do...and they should be admitting it freely

Trooper - You may be onto something my man!!

LoJo - inevitable....It is 'how we roll'

Danielle said...

I have actually dated a few men without them and, you are right. I hated them!!

Anonymous said...

At least you know where your balls are, many men can't find them anymore! ;)

This, now this, was a great post!

Meg said...

Men are so difficult. Stupid balls.

ZenMom said...

Viva la difference! ;)


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