Tuesday, October 20, 2009

OCD Sucks

Due to some technical difficulties…or my ever-present OCD…I had to erase all of the timers for shows set to record on our satellite system. There were some conflicts and things just weren’t working right (as smooth as I’d like them to be.)

As to not forget any shows…and again letting some OCD seep out, I first made a list (I love lists) of everything that we, as a household, wanted recorded on a regular basis.

35 freakin shows!
And 25 of them are shows primarily for Mariah and I.

What the hell are we thinking? How are we supposed to watch 25 hours of TV a week?

That made me think about it in relation to other things in my weekly schedule…fine…It was an excuse for me to make another list.

Here is what I cam up with…In order:
Sleep – 56 Hours
TV – 25
HoursWriting / computer / work – 25 Hours
Homework help – 10 Hours
Laundry/cooking/household chores – 8 Hours
Carpools – 8 Hours
Sex – 6 Hours
Volunteering at the school – 4.5 Hours
Shopping – 3 Hours


Being that there are only 168 hours in the week…I have about 22.5 hours unaccounted for. (I know I do other things so I will not stress about ‘losing time’ or anything.)

Now, looking at this list…I know that I need to move SEX MUCH HIGHER in the list, additionally, I am spending roughly 47% of the hours in the week sleeping and watching TV…WTF!? Like I don’t have better things to do.


ZenMom said...

You know I'm making my own list now, right? Damn you.

Faerie Mom said...

Dammit... now I have to make a list. Computer time and books make up a higher percentage for me than tv... but SEX needs to move to a higher bracket... LOL

Shelle-BlokThoughts said...


I'm more a book and compouter time girl. But Sex is up there so that is good. But realistically sex doesn't take all that long out of the day, even if one does it a few times a day...ya know?

That's why I leave OCD for other people...I suck at lists :)

becky @therealbecks said...

wow. now that is some ocd. it never occurs to me to make up a list to account for my time. i'd probably cry if i did it. lol

Susan said...

6 HOURS of sex per week? I thought my husband and I were pretty damn good, but hell, if you get that much "time" in I say you are owed 25 hours of TV.

Porn on tv plus sex on couch can only complement both categories too...

dadshouse said...

Hey, I'd pay for 22 hours of sex each month! lol.

My kids record every episode of House and Grey's Anatomy ever recorded. It drives me nuts. I get them back by recording soccer - Serie A, English Premier, Spanish La Ligua, Champions League, World Cup Qualifiers, ... there's no way on earth I can watch them all, but I sure do fill up the DVR record list!!!

Mariah said...

we only have 6 hours of sex per week?? Dude, we need to fix that

SweetPeaSurry said...

Yeah ... I totally get you on the OCD about the TV sched. I have an Excel spreadsheet. I work during primetime, it was necessary.

As far as moving sex up on the list .. how about having sex while watching a show?

Hah ... Just kidding. ;)

Samia Khan said...

great post about OCD. Sex - 6 hours per week, i think its a good start to new couples.


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