Wednesday, June 18, 2008

A Poet & I Know It

Well everyone….since you liked my last poem, I thought I’d shoot another masterpiece out there for you.


Insane Mama to you, Mariah to me
Whatever she’s called, she is Hot indeed

Her sexy body and loony mind
Boy we’re lucky she one of a kind

She love animals, dogs, monkeys and owls
But really hates when I talk of my bowels

Her kids are smart, say thank you and please
She sits and blogs, with her perky double D’s

A woman with the kindest heart
She even giggles when I burp and fart

She’s been called a MILF and a hottie too
Treating her right is all I can do

I will not discus details of my loins
But we see stars while counting coins

Getting lost in the woods is a regular thing
But being with her, I feel like a king

I’m going to keep her, forever if I can
With her on my arm, “I am THE MAN!”

Forever and ever, I envision it every day
Holy crap!…I’m glad I’m not gay!


insane mama said...

I blog with my perky double Ds
See Carrie, they're perky!

The Mom said...

You two are just so dang cute together!

I feel the love, that's so cool!

SherE1 said...

Aw, I feel the love. I do. And perky double D's - damn, you are a lucky man!

Deb said...

Wow. Who needs Keats or Whitman when you got the "tent camper"?

Teri said...

This would make a lovely card. "Hallmark, are you there?"

Mamahut said...

Awe sweet and funny!

Mama Dawg said...


Always Home and Uncool said...

Excellent meter.

insane mama said...

I'll keep you too!

Natalie said...

The two of you are too funny :)

buffalodickdy said...

I've got a whole book of dirty limericks- do not get me started...

Christie said...

Love it!


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