Friday, March 13, 2009

Cover their eyes and plug their ears!!!!!!!

Not that I am stating anything ‘for the record’ about my state of mental health with this post…but I need to throw something out there.

I have been to a therapist…or …maybe a dozen, and I have heard somewhere along the way that the music and TV shows that we gravitated towards as kids …says something about who we are as people.


Yes, I grew up in a large family and typically had to fight for the radio or TV. Thinking back, I pinpointed that music and shows that I’d listen to and watch when I was alone.

During the 70s my favorite song was Take Me Home Country Roads by John Denver. May favorite cartoon was Underdog…and I was an A-Team addict.

Mixing those 3 things…does not paint a pretty picture to me. Kind of like a gay dog in a cowboy hat riding around in a custom child molester van…blowing things up.

Over the years, I have had conversations with friends about what their favorite cartoons and shows from the 70s were … and I always took pride in my picks.

Drop the gay part...but I will say that I would have no problem doning a fancy cowboy hat, driving around in a customized van...just blowing shit up all the time. Coincidence?????

I am not sure anymore…and if asked…I will plead the fifth!!!!

What picture do your past favorites paint?

**Shit...what do your kids watch and listen to? Should we all be scared?


Anonymous said...

Little House on the Prairie, The Equalizer and reruns of the Rifleman.

That explains it.

Cameron said...

The A-Team was awesome. My favorite cartoons were Transformers and GI Joe.

Swirl Girl said...

does that mean my children are destined to become rich and famous like Hannah and the Jonas'?? Wouldn't mind that part for them...only without the downward spiral a la Brittaney and Lindsay.

Peggy said...

I had a teenaged sister and brothers when I was young so I any Beatles song was my favorite...I particularly remember being partial to Strawberry Fields (uh-oh). My favorite cartoons were the Jetsons reruns and my favorite show....Love Boat! Wow...analyze that!

Teri said...

The Partridge Family, Donny and Marie (egads, I know), and the Brady Bunch.

SweetPeaSurry said...

Oh jeez, I knew I'd regret killing those brain cells.

TV: Knight Rider
Music: Like a Virgin
Cartoon: The Smurfs

I'm so frightened right now.

Kay Bratt said...

Love Boat and Fantasy wonder I live in a fog of unreality.

Captain Dumbass said...

I'm glad my therapist didn't mention anything about the TV and music, that might have led to a lot more sessions.

dizzy mom said...

I refuse to admit I liked Charles in Charge, Alf, Small Wonder (Hello. My name is Vikki).
I will admit that I loved Punky Brewster!
Face was a cutie on the A-team. I saw Mr. T at a Kings game once. That would be my A-Team claim to fame.

Anonymous said...

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