Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Time Travel...To The 70s and 80s

A bit random…but I am just going to throw it out there…

Is it only me or do any of you with you could just go back in time to the late 70s or early 80s?

I loved that time…I mean sure…I got into some trouble and drove my parents absolutely insane…but I was a boy growing up in rural New Hampshire and there were no video games, addicting TV shows, cell phones to distract us.

I loved cruising around with my friends, hanging out, causing trouble and having good old fashion boy fun.

These days things are so much more complicated…yes, I know that much of that comes from being a father to 6 kids, but even when I put myself in any of their shoes…with the texting and Internet shit that they get into, the drama with all of the cliques in schools, the gangs, teens driving all over creation, etc. it is enough to drive a man nuts!

We just grounded our 12 year old and she has absolutely no clue what to do. She can’t go hang out with friends and can’t use her cell phone. We told her that she could use the house phone to call and talk to her friends and she said, “No thanks…I don’t want to talk to them…I want to text them.”

How fucking impersonal are cell phones and IMing, email and all of the other Internet communications making our kids?

We just allowed her to use AIM and she has been at the computer for 3 hours and counting….WTF!?

Now I guess we will have to limit her use. I know that kids don’t have the self control that we wished they did…shit I don’t have the self control that I wished I did…but the fact of the matter is that ….when I was a kid, and none of that stuff was around…life just seemed much more innocent, fun and …shit….easier.


Sandi said...

I absolutely agree with you. I have a 12 year old as well. Sometimes I wish we could just take away all the technology and perhaps we'd realize other humans truly inhabit this earth as well.....not just a screen name.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy. I have years before this but I wonder what I am teaching her? I text all the time.

Hmmm .. got me thinking here ..

Mariah said...

I want to move into the mountains without ANY internet or cell service just for a year or so to teach the kids a few things

ChocDrop said...

Yes, kids need a lesson on the 'Olden days'. My daughter has been staying with me and I have trouble trying to keep her off my phone to text (she does not have texting on her phone). It is a big pain. These kids don't know how to entertain themselves anymore. Send them back to 1980's and learn a few things.

Chandra said...

Back in the day it was actaully "cool" to go outside and play..ALL Day...nobody checked on you or wondered where you were(at least not where I grew up) played from sun up to sun couldn't do that today..I don't think kids know what actual play time is let alone the great outdoors! Texting, Wii, computers, Ipods...these poor kids now adays have no idea what fun is!

Blonde Goddess said...

Kids have so much stimulating their senses all the time, they don't know what to do with themselves when they have to use their imagination or be plagued with silence.
It's sad really.
Of course when Mr.Man and I enforce some quiet time, we are STRICT parents and NO ONE ELSE'S parents do stupid stuff like that.
Whatever...shut your mouth and hand over the cell phone and DS.

Scott (simplefather) said...

Ah, times were always better back in the day. I feel blessed that my oldest (3) has a very active imagination. Hopefully as she grows, she'll still think it's cool to go outside and play.


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