Monday, July 27, 2009

"Weight! ...I'm Going To A Vegas Buffet!"

The saying... "everything is big in Texas" is wrong...check out the Vegas buffets.

I’ll start off by saying that I am, by no means, a skinny guy. I am not big…but do have a bit of a…round mid-section.

Now I have nothing against the ‘larger breed’ but after being in Las Vegas over the weekend, and doing my best to make up for losses at the all you can eat buffets…I am simply amazed at the number of severely obese people camped out at their tables with huge plates of greasy food laid out in front of them.

I do admit that I pride myself on how much I can eat. I do make a point of loading up at buffets and am not scared to have more than one plate in front of me. That being said, I usually have a big plate of salad and then a plate of meat and starches...and maybe a veggie or two.

Walking around the buffet at the casino, I could not help but to stare in amazement at the tables of ‘large’ people and the foods that were piled high on their plates. Mounds of fried chicken and shrimp, huge cuts of fatty prime rib and mountains of buttery mashed potatoes and then there were assortments of cakes, pies and ice creams filled the center of many of the tables.

I don’t know if it is just me, but I could not help but to think that if I were as big as some of those people, I’d have a hard time feeling ok with piling it up the way that I witnessed. That...along with the tables with very large parents and seriously obese children...kind of made me mad. What are the parents thinking?

Maybe it has something to do with ‘the numbers’ – trying to offset the cost of the rooms and how much they gambled. Maybe it is more of an uncontrollable urge. Maybe it is just me…judging…since I am not that big…yet.

I don’t know. I seemed to only see these huge people in and around the buffets…never at the gaming tables and rarely at the slots. Why do they come to Vegas? It can’t be to walk around and explore the city. I could barely walk a block without the need to towel off all of the sweat in the sweltering neon city.

I know that this post makes me out to be quite the judgmental ass hole, but I can assure you that I do not dislike obese people…I may not understand their thinking at times, but I have some obese people that I am very close with and they are some of the most genuine and loving people in my life.

Well……..If you think you hate me now….just wait til my next post…I am sure that I will outdo myself and once again dig a big hole to dive into.


Why Mom Drinks Rum said...

Agreed. I think (personally) it's a form of child abuse to feed your kid shit that makes them obese. My kids want to eat ALL THE TIME - I get it. Difference is I say NO to snacks alot of the time, and the other times they can have fruit.

And we noticed the same thing in made us eat less. And the Bellagio buffet was like effing a zillion dollars. We did NOT get our money's worth (because I can't have a second plate without exploding)

Chandra said...

They get more for their money...makes them feel good or something.
It's hard not to look at them and think WTF are you doing. I can usually imagine their arteries closing with each and every bite. It's never the healthy stuff that they eat either...must be like a drug addition but for them it's food.

Mariah said...

It is total child abuse to let your kids pig out like we witnessed in Vegas! Plus what about setting an example, it you are a porker and eat junk all day chances are your kids will too!

Trooper Thorn said...

Eating to recoup yoru vacation costs makes as much sense as driving extra trips to "get back" at the oil companies for high gas prices.

Mike said...

Vegas is the land of excesses. Lots of gambling, lots of drinking, lots of people and lots of food. It all just happens. Show a pig troth to people and they just got to feed from it....

ChocDrop said...

It is about excess in vegas. I too am not small but I also know a good deal when I see it. I have been twice, I drank to much, ate to much, and spent to much.

Did you happen to think that maybe this is the only splurge they have, it is cheap. Please don't forget that being over weight is just not eating like crap!!!

Swirl Girl said...

Vegas buffets = buzzards on a gut wagon.

just say no.

SweetPeaSurry said...

I'm not a small girl, but buffets are of NO value to me. I can still only pack in a single plate. I think, however, that the bigger you get the more you eat and it takes more and more to feel full. Even though one is already 'full'.

I don't think you're being judgemental, it's a valid question.

blessings on you and yours!


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