Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Quick Note - Inventions and Insane Mama

If it has not already been invented…I call dibs!!!!
So, we have a bathroom downstairs…”the kid’s bathroom” and only use it during the daytime when at our computers.

What I need is:
A toilet seat lifter. It could be like those trash picker uppers that you see people in the park picking up trash with. There is nothing (well not much) grosser than lifting the toilet seat (on the very edge of the side) and realizing that your thumb and index finger are completely pee soaked.
I am thinking of just locking that door and making the kids all pee outside.

On another note:
So Insane Mama and I basically sit right next to each other while blogging (man she smells!) Just kidding baby.
We rip on each other and throw playful insults back and forth throughout the day. But today….I was hit with a new one.
I made a wise crack about her helping someone else out with that Twittering stuff and not me…then I gave her the finger.
She turned to me, stood up and proceeded to slip her hand underneath one of her DDs (cupping it from the bottom) and then she proceeded to flip (or bounce) it up 5 or six times while making a “never heard before noise” with her mouth. Then she just marched away from me.

How do I compete with that?


Kandace said...

You can't!

DD's win everytime. There is magic in that number.

And, boy I'm jealous you guys blog together in the same room...I think I'm missing out.

insane mama said...

You did not just post that!
Mean and evil you are,
You know I can post stuff about you also, and your weirdness so watch it!

Shyone said...

Didn't the two of you see Carrie's warning to stop bickering?
I sayInsane Mama gets back at you

Natalie said...

If you invent one of those toilet things, can I get one? b/c our bathrooms are on the unsanitary side
I think insane mama should post something quirky about you too

Deb said...

Oh jesus the pee on the toilet - there is nothing, and i repeat nothing, worse than SITTING ON SAID PEE.

And since mama would not help me with the twitter thing I called her out on another blog. Then I gave you BIG LOVE and a shout out. That'll teach her (heehee)

And since I'm a little scared of her ... ::HUGS TO MAMA::

Mama Dawg said...

You don't. Just enjoy the ride, man.

Anonymous said...

way to go mama!

Carrie said...

InTents-Jolina (my combo name for the two of you):

1. InSane: I am jealous, I am a straight D and not a DD. I say use it if you got it.

2. Tenter: Sit when you pee, wind whiner.

3. InTents-Jolina Children: You all need to sit when you pee. I don't care what your gender is, you sit.

Life is too short to spend time in court, being stalked, graduating, and funeraling to be cleaning bathrooms.

Don't you make me stop blogging and come over there.

Kat said...

There is just nothing left to be said after Carrie comments. Nothing at all.

~Billie~ said...

Kid pee! Ewwww! I hate that! It usually happens to me in the middle of the night. Gross! LOL!! I have done the DD trick myself. You can't top it. She wins, hands down!

Matt said...

I had never thought about it but if you are the mechanical type I'm sure you could put one of those step things at the base of the toliet that lifts the seat. You know, like the trash cans that have the lids that lift. You could even make it so that you could stand on it and pee, then we you left it would go back down.

Forget I just wrote that last paragraph, it's my idea now.

Second, where are all these D cup'd women hanging out? I'm obviously not shopping in the right stores.


Rhea said...

ROFL The blog war begins...

DCY said...

You just ain't got nothing that can compete with the wagging of said DD's, and you deserved it after giving her the finger. You had better just watch out, IM has a faithful following. LOL

Swirl Girl said...

Like the Jets and two too funny.

laughin' my ass of right now!


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