Monday, June 9, 2008

Unwanted Pups

This is just great! On top of the divorce issues I am going through right now….This is the last thing I needed.

I am on the hunt for my daughter's little, stuffed animal, black lab’s “babies’ mama” She said something about a wandering, nymphomaniac dog named Koko. Dam you Kandace! I will be suing for pup support.

Anyone want to buy any Unwanted Pups?


Carrie said...

Our gerbil was brutally raped by this savage beast. We were unable to save her and have been left with outrageous three figure vet bills.

Candid Carrie Crisis Center is running a fundraiser to help with these medical expenses and anyone interested can donate through paypal.

Montel Williams already donated and encourages the support of the blogging community.

Kandace said...

I probably should only be speaking through my lawyers but I wanted to offer my condolences to both your family and Candid Carrie's for your loses.

With that being said I think that we should all just calm down a minute.

We don't know if Koko was actually responsible for any of this. This was all alleged.

And until I see the test results I ain't payin' a dime!

See you in court!

Anonymous said...

I have been watching the banter go on here and I would like to say that this could have all been prevented with a spay and neuter program.

Everyone knows that it is the offspring that will suffer in this unhealthy relationship.

Please do not sell these puppies for financial gain. PETA frowns on others profiting from illicit behavior.

buffalodickdy said...

My Airedale, Clara, would think that was a large pile of chew toys....

insane mama said...

I'm wondering how the purple one got in there...

Talisman said...

You can't separate them from mom yet! I mean look, they are still nursing!


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