Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Feeling The Love Drifting Away

The only way to discribe the way I am feeling right now is......UNLOVED!!!!!!!!!!!
I know that I have only been blogging for about a week, but my "love" refuses to:
1. teach me how to Twitter
2. show me what she is doing to keep her traffic so much higher than mine (I am WAY cooler than she is)
3. help me with getting ads onto my blog (so tht we an be the next blogging millionaires)

Where has the love gone? All I hear these days is....Carrie this, Kandace that, did you see Litteral Dan's post?, Lula is so cool, Buffalodickdy is so funny, and on and on and on. CAN WE PLEASE STOP THIS MADNESS?

Maybe I will just take the money from her ads and pay you all for your love, attention, frequent visits and a few twittering and advertising tips.


insane mama said...

There is no friggin way that I am teching you anything...
Where are you going?
don't you need help counting that money?
What if you drop some?
Hold up, wait for me..
I HEART YOU!and carrie, Kandace, Lula, dan, mrs R, heather, sits, mama dawg, buffalo, etc etc etc etc

buffalodickdy said...

You had a much faster start than I did on this blogging stuff, so give it a little time!

K8E said...

Ads are a content thingy, you can add it on your layout page, I think. I don't know how to twitter...not even in real life.

Carrie said...

I'll take care of you Tenter. Please let me give you shelter and sugar during this storm.

SherE1 said...

Like they said in Field of Dreams, if you write it, they will come. Oh, wait. That's not what it was... but you get my point.

Check out the archives for: www.playgroupsarenoplaceforchildren.com She gives some EXCELLENT blogging tips!

Love your fancy blogroll! Hey now!

Lula! said...

All you had to do was mention Insane Mama. Because really, her loves are our loves. And I mean that in a totally non-psychoish stalker way.

Deb said...

She wont teach me how to twitter either - selfish I tell ya (lol)

Kandace said...

Twitter? Shooooooooot I can barely keep up with the blogging.

I'll teach you about ads if you teach me that neat trick with your blogroll!

TentCamper said...

Hey Kandace - It is in Customize. It is just a new Blog Lits template. You just have to go in and choose it. :)

TentCamper said...

OH and Carrie -

I'll take all that you are offering :)

AFRo said...

Dude. You've only been blogging a week which means you CANNOT fuss about no comments yet.

I've been blogging for like 6 months and I'm kind of a big deal, but on a good day I'm happy with 12-15 comments.

You've got to wait at least 6 weeks before your first, "show me some comment love people" post.


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