Sunday, June 8, 2008

Sunday Garbage

First of all… I want to say sorry for being a bit slow on posting, since last week.
My head has been …a bit scrambled with everything that is going on.

I think that I may have enough of an opening to actually get a few posts done tonight…so keep coming. If none of this makes sense … either try to piece it together…or just picture me saying, “Just Kidding!!!!”

First of all, I’d like to say…”Have you ever been really irritated with one thing…not even a big thing…actually, very irrelevant…but that irritation spreads to everything in your world?”
That is me right now. I could get a coffee at the local shop and if it is not ALL THE WAY FULL I instantly think to myself ( I hope I don’t really say it out loud) “What the hell is wrong with that idiot behind the counter? Trying to jip me out of caffeine that I obviously need. Isn’t it obvious how irritable I am?” I scowl at people for no good reason. I honk my horn at the undeserving people who just can’t seen to get their MINI FREAKING COOPER out of a HUGE parking spot. I literally run (pushing my cart) to get in line in front of that elderly lady who I know is going to drop her 45 THOUSAND coupons on the floor, have the bag boy run the isles doing several price checks and rummage through her purse for the 98 cents in pennies “oh…I need to get rid of these pennies honey…Do you mind?” I went to this end of season party for our 13 year olds soccer team today and decided that I would just hang out by the pool with the kids….far away from the other parents. Every time I saw a parent walking my way I could hear myself yelling (on the inside) “don’t come over here, you with your stupid laugh” or “don’t talk to me. You are annoying as SHIT!”

Now..I don’t want to get a “virtual beating” but I will now admit to you all what started this whole “devil man” thing.


I love my evening time. After getting the kids tucked in, we sit down in our room with a glass of wine or a Sam Adams and watch a few of our favorite shows. This is OUR TIME. So for the last month or so, we’ve been watching, in disgust, the finales of Prison Break, Lost, 24, Criminal Minds, Without a Trace, ER, The Unit, NCIS, etc. Basically crying on a nightly basis because there is nothing to watch. All I can say is that the “NETWORKS CAN GO STRAIGHT TO ……H E double hockey sticks!!!!!!!!!!!! Are they really spending their time and money on; Wife Swap, Extreme Home Makeover, Real Housewives, Big Brother 206, Army Wives, Next Top Model, The Mole, Bachelorette, Supernanny, America’s Got (Freaking) Talent? ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

This is COMPLETE GARBAGE! I feel like throwing the TV straight out of the freaking window (but no man would actually do anything to harm a TV). Why can’t they spread the good shows out to cover the whole year?

Anyway. I just wanted to get something up and let you all know that I am still here.


K8E said...

I DVR. A lot. Any episode of something or movie I mildy enjoy gets recorded. This way I generally avoid this crisis, because it bugs the crap out of me too.

Carrie said...

Sounds like somebody needs to seriously count money a couple times a day and get this tension under control. Just a thought.

Mama Dawg said...

I just buy DVD's and watch that during the summer (or whenever nothing else is on).

Half-Past Kissin' Time said...

Very funny post (my first of yours), so I'm off to read some more :)


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