Wednesday, June 4, 2008

stupid, nasty, pig-headed, psycho, (cont.)

Well….here is the latest update ….and it looks as though I have been PEEING IN THE WIND once again.

OK, so I call my kids in the evenings just about every day to see how they are and talk about their days, etc. Now I know that when I call, the phone (on their end) is put on speaker – so that Boss Lady can listen to everything that is said. I think that I have done a pretty good job ignoring that fact. Tonight though, the conversation went something like this:

(parts that are relevant)

Son 1 – Hi daddy
Me – Hi buddy
(whispering on the other end)
Son 1 – guess what daddy?
Me – What buddy?
(whispering on the other end)
Son 1 – My school performance is in 2 days…mommy said I should remind you.
Me – I know. It is on Friday at 1PM …right?
Son 1 – Yeah, mommy said that you might have forgotten
Me – No way. I will be there.
(whispering on the other end)
Son 1 – OK..and don’t throw up.
Me – What?
Son 1 – Mommy said that you might throw up.
Me – Why would I throw up?
(whispering on the other end)
Son 1 – I don’t know…mommy just said that you might
Me – I promise I won’t throw up.
Son 1 – OK
(whispering on the other end)
Son 1 – and you have to be nice to mommy
Me – Huh? I am nice to mommy. I was not mean to her.
(whispering on the other end)
Son 1 – Mommy said that I should tell you again not to throw up if you see her.

It clicked. Someone has been reading.

Me – I won’t buddy.
(whispering on the other end)
Son 1 – The performance is only going to be about 15 or 20 minutes
Me – That’s ok…I will be there.
(whispering on the other end)
Son 1 – well it is going to be really short
Me – Well I want to see you and the performance
Son 1 – OK daddy, I’m done talking. I love you.
Me – I love you too. Bye buddy

So….in addition to everything. The 4 and 7 year old boys are now relaying her inappropriate messages to me when I call at night. I would think that any parent would try to keep young kids out of this sort of thing. But….I’m sure that it will be turned around on me anyway.


buffalodickdy said...

Every once in awhile I forget there are people who read my blog, but don't post comments. It's public for the most part, and though I've never had much trouble, I've heard of folks that have... Be careful out there, little ranger...

been there said...

whooooa. i was jokin on my other comment to make sure she doesnt find the blog. how did that happen? i see you deleted teh homocide line in your other post. good call. and at least you get to see your kid at the performance right?
good luck.

K8E said...

That's awful. My mom took extra care to never say anything bad about my dad until I was old enough to understand that the things he did didn't make him a bad person, old enough being 18, and even then she didn't really put him down, she just told me what things happened. I love her so much for that, because she gave me to opportunity to love my dad even when he wasn't around. I'm sorry your 'ex'-wife is being so awful.

TentCamper said...

Thanks for the comments. Yeah, I will get to see my (almost) 7 year old on Friday for a few minutes at hip play, but I am confident that the courts will get the visitation thing back in line.
I will keep youall posted

insane mama said...

At least you get to love him for the few minutes you have on Friday! You have been SO patient with all this, I gotta hand it to you for keeping your cool!

Anonymous said...

That is so wrong, I cannot believe she is whispering in their ears
This is getting good!

SherE1 said...

Whoa - she really IS psycho to be able to find you that quickly! Heck, you've only been blogging for, what? Two days? Jeez!

Just keep being the good dad that you are to your kids. Kharma will get your ex in the end.

TentCamper said...

Thanks for that shere1. It is good to hear.

Carrie said...

Your comment message indicates: leave me a comment and I will leave you one. I just want you to know that I would leave a comment for you even if you didn't have that type of a written guarantee.

That said, not living with your own kids sucks and you knew that already however knowing that she didn't realize how good she had it when you two were together is priceless.

AFRo said...

Damn. Careful or you'll end up deleting your blog altogether a few months from now.

Seriously. Listen to my wisdom.

TentCamper said...

yeah...welll. I have to get over the worry about it. I am posting thouhts and nothing directed at her ...and nothing that could be linked to I'll do what I do and see what happens. :)

Anonymous said...

Keep sharing, It's therapeutic for you and it helps those of us that are also going through a divorce. I must remain annonymous, because of my current divorce situation.

Jessi said...

Hey, I don't know you, and found you by linking through Insane Mama..

But, we(hubby and I)just did the custody thing with his daughter from a previous relationship. I don't know about California, but in Oregon, the parent CAN NOT listen in on you and the child's conversation. Hubby's ex was very much like yours, even forcing the child to lie about things or breaking into a the childs story with "Nuh uh, I didn't do that." well the child is 7 I'm sure she didn't 'forget the details'
But I digress, my point is, ask your attorney and see what your state laws are. You should have the right to an uninterrupted conversation with your child without her inserted BS.
Good Luck.. And sorry to jump in with advice. I just hate seeing so many guys get the raw deal by crazy women.


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