Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Vomit Call (continued)

Yeah...It is kind of nuts. I guess that hard part for me right now is visualizing the conversation.

Here is what I see:
Me – Ummmm. Hi. How are you? (throw up)
Her – I am fine…it is so nice to finally meet you (starts crying)
Me – Oh…shit….don’t cry. (throw up)
Her – I’m just….so…. (sobbing)
Me – Please…. (starts tearing up)
Her – (reaches out to hug me)
Me – Um….(hugs “mom”)
Then we compose ourselves.
Her – I’m sorry
Me – that’s ok…..so….what have you been up to? (shit I am stupid) (quick barf)
Her – I’ve thought about you every day. (starts sobbing again)
Me – So… well… umm…ok…I…..in a nutshell, over the past 40 years (wanting to keep talking as to not throw up or start crying again) I was beat up a lot in grade school, was one of the first to have Atari in my neighborhood, was great at track and hockey, started drinking and smoking in my teens, moved around a lot, was intimate with a girl at 13, partied a lot, moved away from home before I should have, got into more drinking and drugs, had some trouble with the law, married a self-centered, pig-headed, power-happy, useless bitch of a woman, had two kids, checked into a nut house, broke it off with “witchy”, met another woman, parent 6 kids, can’t keep a job….so now I live in front of my computer blogging.
Her – (odd look)
Me – oh….was that too much?

I think I need to plan this a bit.


insane mama said...

Oh shit... what if it really goes in that direction, just don't have too many expectations and it should be fine.
Weel, not fine, but at least it will be a bit barfy and sobby and well... Good luck!

TentCamper said...

I know. I am now starting the planing stage. Maybe if I go in with a whole presentation, white board and slide show things will go smoothly.

insane mama said...

Babe, I'll go with you after all YOU DID get me Sees candy! :)

Natalie said...

Wow, that is going to be quite a meeting, I'm sure you are a bit stressed

Blarney said...

Okay this is scarey, exciting and has got my attention. Good luck (I think) and let us know how it goes.

Amber said...



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