Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Love Affair

In the absence of coming up with something interesting and pertinent to write about today, I thought that I’d come clean on a very sensitive relationship issue. I know that this may cause some waves here at home, but…you know me….I Pee In The Wind.

Well, without beating around the bush…I’ll just come right out and say it.

I am having two love affairs! There …I said it. I don’t want you all to think that I am a bad person…or a foolish man for saying this where I know that Insane Mama will read all about it. I think that she already has some suspicions. I know that she sees me staring and smiling at them. She hears the discrete words of affection that drift from my mouth. And I’m sure that she does not miss the fireworks that go off within my eyes when I see them.

I don’t really try to hide these yearnings and strong emotions…and Insane Mama has hinted that she may be willing to share me with these two other loves. Now one of them has been my mistress for more than ten years and since that has been going so well, I picked up my newest love just a few years ago. Combined, their mix of beauty, sex appeal, no strings relationships…the fact that they will go anywhere with me and that…tingly feeling that I get inside when with them…is something that I don’t want to let go of.

When you read this Insane Mama…please know that YOU come first…always…But I do think that a foursome (all of us together) would be a great way for us to explore new things together.

That being said….I’d like you all to meet my mistresses.

The smooth refreshing wave of chilly goodness that flows from a bottle of Boston’s Samuel Adams Boston Lager mixed with the sexy wiggle of my collection of hula bobble dancers…makes me smile…every time I see them.

Wow….that was not as hard as I had thought.


cIII said...

In Cali, you should be able to get your hands on Russian River Brewing Company stuff. You should turn that Foursome into a Fivesome with their Abby Ale. I can't get their beer here and it makes me sad. But I have tasted it and it tastes like Angels should smell. Also, Sam Adams makes a Black Lager that will make you weep.
Now I'm all thirsty with 3 hrs. to go.
Here's to you Brother.
*raises frosty mug*

Philly said...

Now are you glad you got that off your chest?


T said...

Ha! That is great. Hey, everybody's gotta have a hobby, right?

Deb said...

mine would be a bottle of Jaegger and a bottle of Sakl. Yep, I'm that easy.

Rhea said...

You feel much better now that you've got that off your chest? Don't involve me in your sordid love affairs! I want no part of it! Ok, maybe I'll take part...the beer part.

Me said...

your such a dirt ass



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