Thursday, August 28, 2008

To Pee...Or Not To Pee

Keeping up with the pace of life has proven to be quite the task for me these days. I know that in general, my life is a quite simple one…but that does not mean that the round object attached to my neck sees it that way.

My waking hours, each day, tend to be divided into 4 distinct mindsets…my only, involuntary, choices are the following:
tired and very unmotivated…(basically drained of life.)
short tempered and grumpy
playful and happy…actually more like childish
unfocussed and blurred…mind spinning, thoughts blurred and finding it hard to concentrate

When I sit, to ponder life…(who the heck am I?…Confucius?) I can’t help but to feel kind of stuck. Not in a way like I am going to give up or something…more like …when you really need to pee but you are in public and there are no bathrooms around and no bushes…or wind to pee into.

Now, by now, many of you know a bit about my past and know the basics of my current life. I will now take you for a dip in the swirling bubbles in my head…or as I like to call it…”my Jacuzzi.” Please be sure to pay attention and please…try to keep up.

I have a schedule and many things that need to get done each day. I get through those just fine…it is the ‘down time’ when my thoughts make even me think that I should be wearing a helmet and riding on the short bus.

An example of the string of unconnected and random thoughts that stream though the vastness of my cranium during these moments include;
-I will randomly bust out the first verse or two of Mary Had A Little Lamb (or some other nonsensical kid tune)
-Often times I can be heard barking like a large dog (while driving or walking down the street) mostly to watch the people around me looking for the beast about to attack them and finding nothing.
-I, out of nowhere, will recite a random grouping of numbers i.e. “3, 47, 25, 93, 62, 1, 7” and then act as if I had said nothing (while people give me odd looks.)
-I have moments when I will have vivid thoughts of planets, flying, war, chewing gum, pens, pizza and ants…all one directly after the other…and not knowing why I had any of these thoughts…and why my head would group such a random selection of seemingly unimportant things.
-I am known for my ‘What ifs”…what if a bird actually lived on my head? What if I could balance on my nose…without breaking it? What if I was a bee and I was scared of myself? What if clothing was never invented and everyone just walked around naked? Etc.

You may be whispering to yourself, “This guy is off his fucking rocker.” Or wondering why I am not locked up securely somewhere…or how I can make it through a day.

I think the same thing sometimes…believe me. I guess that I have just become used to the nonsense that trickles through my noggin from time to time. It used to scare me, but now…shit…it still scares me.

I know that I am not insane and often convince myself that everyone does that stuff…they just don’t admit it…or have some handy medication which makes them think that they did not have the thoughts.

Now I know that I’ve got some …’issues’ but I love my life (for the most part). I love my kids, I love my family, I love Insane Mama and her gaggle of beautiful offspring. I love the fact that I feel no fear in expressing myself. I love the fact that people love me.

So…to sum up…a Jacuzzi can be a confusing mess of jumbled thoughts…or it can be a fine place to take your clothes off, relax and enjoy life. It’s a nice mix.


T said...

That is some craziness there, TC, but we all have at least some of that in our heads too. I think the secret is not to take ourselves too seriously. (And I think you've got that bit down pat.)


Deb said...

I'm scared...hold me.

Swirl Girl said...

There is a reason why young children are warned not to swim in a jacuzzi.

Too many bubbles.

You are not crazy, or you would not be wondering if you were or not.

Teri said...

You should join me in some of my philosophy classes. You would totally feel right at home. We "What If" all the time. It's pretty cool, actually.

Insane Mama said...

Baby I love your jacuzzi filled head. We all have a little cookoo going on

The Mom said...

I think you're the opposite of insane...brilliant! Insane people don't think that much...or at least that's what I keep telling myself!

jill jill bo bill said...

No wonder IM is so in love with, honest, deep, likes to jacuzzi naked. She's a lucky girl!!!

Rhea said...

Your jacuzzi is whack, man, but I love it! You have personality quirks that make you unique and you. You're creative! I love it.

And, wow, I'm on your top commenters list! Woohoo!

Stephanie said...

Spooky. I love it.

cIII said...

"It never got weird enough for Me."
This is the mantra I try and live by. Because, let's face it, Normal is fucking bo-ooo-ring.

Jennifer and Sandi said...

Here take this pill. Treat it, don't repeat it!! Hehehehe your too funny

HAPPY FRIDAY. You and IM Have a great holiday weekend!!

- Jennifer

Krista said...

I like to make up words and then wonder if anybody else has ever made up that kind of combo before.. You must be insane if your not insane, you know?
Great blog :)

Lula! said...

You crack me up...
But I would totally dig you even more if you started quoting" 4, 8, 15, 16, 23, 42."

And if you don't know what those numbers stand for, LOOK THEM UP!!!! And if you do...well then, you're just the coolest.


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