Friday, August 1, 2008

What The Fuck!!!!!!!!

Now, I thought that I came up with a pretty good name for my blog. I mean, with MY life… I seem to, quite often, pee into the wind, and have little warm, yellow, droplets of human waste come flying back at me, covering me with proof that I am not the perfect guy that I sometimes feel that I am. After doing a quick scan of my stats on Google Analytics, I am now scared that I could have done it once again. I can be fairly sure that my name is rising on the government watch lists. The last thing I need in my life at this point is to go to federal prison for child porn. Not that I have anything to do with it….but….when you take a look at the Google search terms that landed people on my blog, over the past week, it may seem that I’ve got something completely WRONG going on. For your viewing pleasure, and so that I have some witnesses that can back me up if I get picked up, I have pasted the terms below.

12 years old peeing, 13 years old peeing, 9 to 12 years old peeing, Candid tinkle, How to, pee in a one piece, Jerk me off mom, Jerked off by mom, Little boys having a pee, Little sister peeing in my mouth, Nasty peeing, Nasty pig sex in my tent, Peeing at beach on people, Peeing boobs, Peeing child movie list, Peeing girls naked eleven, Peeing on bus seats, People don’t have feathers, Woman tree peeing, Sexy mama pee

Now…first of all…when the hell did I ever post something having to do with people having feathers? Secondly, seeing what kind of people are landing on my page…I could be picked up …by association…that would really suck…cuz if I got thrown into a holding cell with any of those freaks…I know I’d then be charged with homicide.

I’ve now been thinking that changing my blog’s name to something a bit less “RED FLAG-Y”. Now, trying to stay within the same scope…or along the same lines, I had a few thoughts for my name change…Let me know what you think.

I make some choices that are not so good
Things in life can come right back and get you
The good, the bad and the ….oh ….shit…who knows what’s coming next
Sometimes what you choose, may not be the best thing
Don’t make decisions until you are inside and sitting down

Well the list goes on, but I just don’t think they are as good as the one that I have.

My last comment on this is that I now feel strongly that with the technological powers that Google has, that they should be gathering IP and other information from people doing searches like the above (and worse) and supplying the authorities with all information possible. Even if it does not catch these freaks, it may slow them down, make them think twice or at the very least…keep them away from my prude, family oriented, online journal.


Insane Mama said...

I'm afraid of my google search terms...

preTzel said...

Uhm, gross.

There are some really sick fucks in the world.

Ever hear of NAMBLA?

Yeah, that place that thinks it's okay for grown men to have consensual sexual relations with little boys?

And the government has not shut them down because they have a right to Free Speech.

Between you and IM's posts today I need to seriously bleach myself.

Change your blog to TenTCamPer's Place. :D

Anonymous said...

I will definitely stand up in your defence and tell the FBI that you only like full on hard porn with IM, not little children. And you don't pee on anyone!

Jasper Mockingbard said...

Ew. That is some scary shit.

Swirl Girl said...

I am swirl girls pearls....I can only imagine what kind of jewels could come out to that...

T said...

Whoa!! That is some freaky shit there!!

Damn dude... I don't know what to tell you about your name. Maybe "Bad stuff happens to good people but good people turn out all right after all"?

Dirty White boy said...

lol..Did you find those phrases in the welcome to Bangkok page?

I dont know what to tell you to do for a new name. Take peeing in the wind and rename it using a larger form of the words, like...Urinating in the Wind of life?
I have no clue, its 3am here, and im incoherent.

Sam said...

It just goes to show that there are nasty people out there, how about shortening it to your url IPITW - we all know what it stands for (newcomers would have to ask!!)

Deb said...

i'm sorry... did you say prude and family oriented. i must be in the wrong place.

how do you do that google analytics thingamabob? i wanna try it out.

The Mom said...

Wow, I thought when I saw "girl's wet panties" on mine that I was going to barf...i have a friggen potty-trainer for pete's sake.

Those are by far the sickest...they're not even funny.

Pitching My Tent
Insane Mama's Hot Roomie
The Wind in My Tent...

just a few suggestions.

LiteralDan said...

I also want to see Swirl Girl's Google search list.

And I think it's funny that for whatever these people were looking for, they took the time to click over to your blog, before resuming their searches for less entertaining material.

You should set up Google Webmaster Tools if you haven't already, so you can see all the searches where your site came up, instead of only the ones where people clicked over to you.

Just imagine!

Raging Dad said...

Oh man, that feather one is the best!

I have had some insane searches lead to my blog too. My faves: "toilet training brain injury patient," "my dad has seen me jack off before," "daddies and their princess porn," and "dads do the sex with dads." Amazing stuff.


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