Monday, September 15, 2008

Who Is The REAL TentCamper? Answers!!!!

So if you thought that you were smart...think again.

I have BOLDED the FALSE facts.

Favorite cartoon growing up was the Bugs Bunny / Road Runner Hour
First time I was ‘in love’ was in 6th grade
I am an exhibitionist
I am self conscious about my breath
I am trained in martial arts
I burp and fart in public…and loud
I coach a youth sports team
I grew up in New Hampshire
I had sex for the first time at 13 years old
I have 2 brothers and 4 sisters
I have 3 fathers and 3 mothers
I have an average sized penis
I have an obsession with hula girls
I have, combined, spent more than a year in county jails
I joined the military in the 90’s
I like kids more than adults
I like the taste of blood
I moved into a fraternity house when I was 16
I never finished college
I used drugs and alcohol for the first time when I was 10
I was a regional track and field star in middle and high school
I was adopted
I was raped as an adult
I wish I was a teen in the 40’s
I’ve been shot at by several people at once
I’ve been snow skiing since the age of 2
I’ve gotten only one woman pregnant in my 40 years of life
I’ve held a person while they were beaten and killed
I’ve lived in 9 different states
I’ve watched someone commit suicide
My favorite animal is the Silverback Gorilla
My favorite game at a casino is craps
my favorite hard alcohol is Jack Daniels
My favorite hobby is fishing
My favorite movies of all time are; Goodfellas, Shawshank Redemption & The Godfather
My favorite music is Blues and Jazz
My favorite NFL team is the New York Giants
My favorite parts of a woman’s body are (in order); eyes, ass, lips
The last music CD I bought was in 2001
Three music genres that I can’t stand are; opera, heavy metal and musicals

Which three are NOT TRUE?


Stephanie said...

Here's what I know. It canNOT be true that you don't like opera and musicals. Because everyone likes opera and musicals. Who DOESN'T like opera and musicals. I've never heard of such a creature!

And plus, I also don't think that you moved into a fraternity house when you were sixteen or that you've held a person while they were beaten and killed. But hey I've been wrong before. Once. But I'm not wrong about the opera and musicals thing. I can't be. Can I? No...

Swirl Girl said...

I don't think you like the taste of blood. I don't think you lived in a frat house at 16 - or ever. And I don't think you have an average sized penis.

how'd I do?

Deb said...

i think these are not true:

I used drugs and alcohol for the first time when I was 10

I've been shot by several people at once (unless your talking about laser tag)

My favorite NFL team is the New York Giants (just because it makes me nauseous to think it may be true-fingers crossed -lol)

How'd I do??

Rhea said...

This is hard.

No average sized penis

not self-conscious about breath

no 2 bros and 4 sisters...although I do think you have a lot of siblings...

I think I got those all wrong, damnit.

Rhea said...

the shooting one is bothering me...not sure about that one...

T said...

I don't think you have 3 fathers and 3 mothers

I also couldn't see you holding a person while they were beaten and killed

Hmmmm, you with an average sized penis? I can't imagine any man saying that as true.


Teri said...

Okay, I'm no good at this stuff but here goes: You didn't hold a person when they were beaten and killed and you haven't been snow skiing since you were 2???

I'm better at Yahtzee.

Brandy said...

I will just stay tuned for the answers since I don't have a clue...and I'm uber curious now.

Swirl Girl said...

One out of 3 ain't bad..

if you did have an average dick..would you really boast about it?

Rhea said...

Well, darnit. I got one right.

I just don't know you like I thought I did, Tent Camper.

Wendy said...

So you have a below average sized penis?

TentCamper said...

OK ladies...enough about my MONSTROSITY....I mean manhood. Direct all inuiries to Insane Mama...I am blushing.

...and thank you for playing

amelia bedelia said...

didn't anybody read the first part? what is not true is bold. am i right. i gotta go back and read again.

amelia bedelia said...

ok, duh, you obviously did that after everyone commented. i am so out of the loop!!!!

man, what a life you've had. are you in the mafia?

sista #2 said...

So what your telling us is your little in fact....a little man???


Perksofbeingme said...

I've officially learned much more about you now!


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