Friday, September 12, 2008

I wish I were a Jason Bourne-like sniper

As my first ‘Private’ post, I thought it proper of me to offer up some sort of explanation as to my desire to pee a bit more stealthily.

WARNING: This post WILL contain VULGAR language and TRAMATIC imagery.

As many of you know, I took my blog ‘private’ because my (soon to be) ex wife and her friends have been reading it…and using much of what I write against me.

I will give you all a bit of background and will do my best to get you up to date on where things stand as of today.

About 4 years ago, I realized that the woman that I fell in love with 18 years ago…was not the same woman that I married…actually, she was not a woman at all (not the way some of you sick, twisted fuckers are thinking) she was actually a psychotic, self-centered, fake-as-shit, fat, ugly, deceitful, non-sexual, nasty, egotistical, loud-mouth, fucking bitch of a person…but she IS…my baby’s mama. Even to this day...every time see or talk to takes every inch of my will power not to vomit or poke her eyes out, knock her down and piss all over her.

It was September of 2005 when I finally had had enough of her and all of the shit that she dished out to me. Leaving was a very hard decision. I had two small boys, 4 and 1 1/2 , I knew though, that staying would be misery for us all.

The divorce proceedings began in December of 2005 and are STILL looming over my head. I am here, lingering in some divorce court limbo with that demon I was married to jabbing me in the face with her pitchfork at every opportunity.

Now, I understand her being upset with me…and I understand her general dislike for Insane Mama, but her tactics are so out of control that …. Well, let’s just say that I’ve had dreams that include; blood, severed body parts, ripped out intestines, wild animal attacks…well…I guess you know what I am getting at.

I will just name a few of the things that CUNT has done in her attempts to attack both Insane Mama and myself:
1. Refused to let me see or talk to my boys for almost a year
2. Insisted, in court, that a professional monitor must accompany me on all visits with the boys
3. Accused me of being an uncontrollable drug addict
4. Filed (and received) a restraining order against Insane Mama (provided fraudulent documents in court)
5. Changed lawyers every 6 months (for 3 years now) to slow the whole court process down
6. Schedules family trips and doctor appointments on my visitation days and does not offer opportunity for me to make up the visits
6.When I call the boys (every night) she puts the phone on speaker and monitors every word
7. Tells the boys to say things to me on the phone when we talk (i.e. “mommy wanted me to tell you about my play again…she said that maybe your were drunk or something and forgot.”
8. Is accusing me in court of neglect because my 7 year old got a scratch on his knee
9. Spends her free time trolling my and Insane Mama’s blogs for content that she thinks she can use in court against me
10. Published a whole blog to trash me and disparage my blog and my name
11. Continually threatens to call CPS on Insane Mama

12. Emails me stating how fucked up Insane Mama and her kids are...that they are nasty, white trash, uneducated losers.

Well…the list goes on…but I will spare you the additional 1,000 words.

Please catch up with: the the backstory 2

Now...Everyone sing with me
(in the tune of the old Oscar Meyer commercials)

"Oh, I wish I were a Jason Bourne-like sniper...I'd be rid of nasty bitch, and finally free.
There's nothing she could do to make me like her...All I want to do is vomit and pee!"

As this story has...a lot of…substance…I will have to say that this post is…


Holy Crappers said...

Sorry to hear about you problems. She is only hurting herself when acting like this in front of her children. Good luck and congrats on the private blog.
I feel so special


Sam (The Edge Of Insanity) said...

Holy. Shit.
I had no idea why you went private, it never occurred to me that it was because of something like this.
What she's doing is complete and utter bullshit, and she's only hurting your boys. Take some small comfort in the fact that sooner or later they're going to catch on (probably not until they're older, which REALLY sucks for you and I'm so sorry for that)and she'll have only succeeded in turning them against her. She's slowly digging her own hole and when she finds herself buried 8 feet under, it doesn't sound like there'll be anyone there to hand her a shovel. People like that always end up alone.
Karma's a bitch.

Insane Mama said...

I'm with Sam Karma is a bitch and it is going to come and bite her in the ass if it hasn't already! She is actually way worse than you even let on.

TentCamper said...

@Insane Mama I will get to that in good time my dear....did I just sound like a witch?

The Mom said...

She's evil, I'm a firm believer in Karma!

Your poor boys!

Wendy said...

God, she sucks! Sorry you're having to deal with it. Maybe one day soon the divorce will be final and there will be at least that.

Swirl Girl said...

for the life of me- I can't understand how adults (and I use that term lightly) can use innocent children as weapons.

sorry you all have to go through this.

Brandy said...

Your ex is rotten to the core.

I hate Stevie's ex with a passion (for many, many reasons mainly dealing with the kids and her lack of parenting) but I have never talked bad about her in front of them because that's just wrong.

I figure they will learn on their own time what a selfish lying whore she is.

amelia bedelia said...

that picture was just lovely!

She is just mean! And only hurting those precious children, but she's too selfish and self centered to see what she is doing.

Teri said...

I also went through the most wretched divorce you can possibly imagine. It's "officially" been over since April 2000, however, the jackass ex- loves to keep stirring up shit...all the time. Oh, did I mention he is a diagnosed bipolar hypomanic who insists he is fine so he doesn't take his meds? Yeah, makes life peachy.

I will say this...all those antics that your almost-ex is pulling will not sit well with the judge. Judges hate to be bothered with stupid stuff, especially when it invovles kids. I know I've said this before, but I'll say it again - get a lawyer so you won't be trampled on. Worth every single penny.

And thanks for the invite!

Stephanie said...

Oh man. How awful. I'm so sorry she's putting you through this; my heart is breaking for you and your boys. Her behavior is appalling. I don't care what she feels about you, she should NOT be dragging your babies into this; she's really hurting them.

I know how they feel. For years I watched my father viciously abuse my mother with words and felt what the pain of him trying to inject my mind with poison about her, and it was simply horrific. Now, because I have chosen to, in his warped little reality, "take her side" he has completely cut me out of his life. Which, quite frankly, is much better for me. I have the ability as an adult to handle it in ways much different than when I was a child of course, but there is still pain there.

I wish I could just spirit them away from her and give them to you so they don't have to bear the pressure of her disgusting spew anymore.

OK, this is probably not helping, talking about how sucky my childhood relationship with my "daddy" was. Sorry. I really hope this situation gets better, and she can pull her head far enough out of her fat ass to realize that she needs to leave the kids OUT of this whole thing. I hope she'll just let go and let the divorce happen, though that doesn't look to promising.

Hang in there, my bloggy friend. Things will get better eventually. You're in my thoughts and prayers.

T said...

There you are!!!

I'm sorry you guys are going through this. At least now you have a private place to vent! Thanks for letting me in.


Rhea said...

Oh, man, sounds like a nasty divorce. Does she still have a blog?

My husband is a family attorney, and he sees some nasty stuff...on both sides. It the kids he usually feels sorry for, you know? It's just not cool of her to use yours kids against you.

Christy said...

Wow. Well, that is a lot of shit to deal with (to say the least.) And yeah, karma rocks! Or in the words of Justin Timberlake: "what goes around...comes all the way back around."

Krista said...

I hope that felt good to let all of that out! It's too bad that she has to stoop low enough to try to turn the kids against you. I wish you the best of luck- sounds like you might need it!

Raging Dad said...

That's an awful story, man. I can totally understand you taking the blog private. Good luck, I can't imagine how tough these last couple of years have been for all of you involved.

sista #2 said...

What a witch!
Why cant she just move on with her life? I dont understand some people....and to use your children like that.....she is a big C.

No wonder you went private.


Molly said...

I feel the same way about my ex and it takes me everything I have not to rip his head off. The only reason I am civil to him is for the sake of our son, and I wish your ex were more of an adult and would do the same. Not only is she hurting you, she is hurting your children too and it is so sad.

I am so happy you and IM found each other!

Redneck Mommy said...

Dude. If I had an ex like yours, I'd have taken my blog private a long time ago. I'm aghast with the shit you and Insane Mama have had to deal with.

But I do give you props for not wringing her neck until she shudders out her last breath.

Cuz I'd have done it a long time ago.

Good luck with her. OY.


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