Friday, July 18, 2008

A FINE-ASS Day At The Beach

We had yet another fine day at the beach with the kids. Both Insane Mama and I were a bit out of sorts this morning. She seemed to have a fairly short fuse and I just felt somewhat foul. None the less we packed up our beach cooler and headed off to the beach…just south of Venice beach. After getting there and lugging the blankets, boogie boards, towels and such down to “our spot” the kids took off into the water and Insane Mama and I broke out our books and got comfy.

It was a great day (not too hot nor too cold) and I was about 20 pages away from finishing the book I was reading. Mind you that this is a 240 page book that I started on June 20th 2007. It was a great book…but I have never been a “reader.” We continued like that….going back and fourth between our books and watching the kids try to surf on their boogie boards…for a while. Insane Mama was then suddenly jolted from her book by me jumping up and yelping, hopping around our blanket chanting, “I finished it! I’m done with my book!” She looked over at me, rolled her eyes, and said, “Great! Now what?” I looked at her with a puzzled stare and shrugged…but I was still smiling.

I rested my head and relaxed for a few minutes…then noticed that several more families and couples were infringing on “our beach.” The people watcher that I am…I sat up and …just watched. I love to sit and watch (mostly making fun of what people are wearing and all the crap that people tote to the beach.) Yesterday, we actually watched as a family unpacked two wagons full of “stuff” and then proceeded to blow up a pool. Yes…you heard me…the fools brought an inflatable pool to the freaking beach!

Anyway, as I was watching the folks around me…and I’d finished my book….I notice a few couples around us…snuggled up together, rubbing lotion on each other and just being cute with each other. Suddenly, I became aware of an increase in blood flowing to my …nether region. I looked down and watched as Insane Mama was laying on her stomach, reading her book. Panning down and letting my eyes rest on her cute-as-shit booooootay, I proceeded to slide my hand down the small of her back, across the back side of her bikini…resting it so that my fingers dangled down in just the right place. She gave me a courtesy moan and a wriggle of the rear as she continued with her book. I looked around and saw that from where other people were sitting…nobody would ever be able to see what we did.

Slowly, I began to curl and extend my fingers – just enough for them to lightly brush up against her…privates. She began to move with my hand for a minute and then rolled over onto her side. I removed my hand and stopped what I was doing. She looked at me with a look saying to me “what the F are you stopping for?” I looked at her and said…”just keep reading your book baby.” She quickly repositioned herself (exactly as she was) and I let my hand find its way back to “that good spot.” I kept rubbing and stroking (all of this ABOVE her bikini….NO nudity.) That continued for a few minutes until I knew that she was ….”happy.” after a moment…catching her breath, she rolled her head toward me and said, “Thank you mister!” with a large as life smile on her face. I think that the ocean, waves, being in public…all of it made things a bit exciting for her. She sat up, still smiling, and plopped her book on her lap. Smirks and giggles escaped as she tried to find where she left off in her book. Looking at her…I saw that she had found her place and sporting a content look, continued reading.

I don’t think that more than ten seconds went by before I interrupted her…
Me – Hello?
IM – Yeah baby? (smiling)
Me – Um…are you forgetting someone?
IM – What?
Me – What about me?

Then I felt her hand move down to my board shorts as she looked over both shoulders, making sure we were not being watched. I was lying down on my side and she was sitting, leaning her back against my thighs. She continued stroking me, then I felt a tug at the drawstring of my shorts…giving her a bit more access. Needless to say, within a few minutes (and most likely and arm strain)…we felt the need to put our beach blanket and my shorts directly into the wash when we got home.

The next hour or so that we were at the beach…although it was a bit overcast…it seemed sunnier and much more beautiful out there…in “our spot.” Our moods had most definitely improved since morning.


Insane Mama said...

Nothing like an orgasm at the beach to lift your spirits... Sheesh. I was grumpier than shit until then so, I'm glad we did that! Again, you crazy crazy man posting all this. I love your honesty. Lets go upsatairs. "wink"

Rhea said...

Well, whew, is it getting hot in here or is it just me?!

I need to get to the beach. Quick! It's quite a drive from least six hours, but heck, sounds like it's worth it. :o)

You guys are too cute.

buffalodickdy said...

Inflatable pool?, and then you put your tent up....

Karen said...

Seriously??? Someone bought a inflatable poolto the beach?? That's just plain weird !!!

Ummmm ... yep ... sounds like a fun time was had by all. :-)

(Picks up a couple of sheets of computer paper and fans herself)

Deb said...

someone here was talking to me, but i have no idea who it was or what they were saying...whatever...couldn't have been better than or more interesting than what i was reading.

T said...

You guys are so awesome. I'd do that too.


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